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Some updates!

Our DRIP stereo multimode filter (ALA Popple) has nearly sold out, thanks so much! In the future if you'd like this filter, please see https://afterlateraudio.com/collections/filter/products/popple-presale.

We have supplies for a limited number of our DPT Daisy DSP development module, in kit form or built to order. 

dsp.coffee KALI - Time-Domain Boss / Bringer of Doom

On a related note we've been working nonstop on a boss-level fx processor - it began as a delay w/ 6 synchronized LFO outputs, but has grown into some sort of monster featuring (as of this posting):

Time-Domain Processing

First the major modes:

  • Straightforward Delay w/ Manual Bend
  • Ping-pong Delay
  • Kali Delay - selectable 2 - 6 taps per channel with a variable 'spread', in several different configurations:
    • Kali Delay [variably clustered]
    • Kali Chorus [swirly stereo, blurry, causes dizziness]
    • Kali Splat [ping-pong'd grains]
  • Hypnagogic Delay - Tiny Probabilistic Delay Time Modulation 
  • Budget Reverb

Within each mode, you can 'freeze' the delay, which will stop writing to the delay line and loop an existing bit. Each major mode has some unusual quirks, pitch can be changed in all modes, some can change loop size and scrub.

6 12-bit CV Outputs

Lofi, but can reach audio rates and possibly cause mayhem.

  • Linked LFOs with frequencies synchronized to the L / R delay times (3 x L, 3 x R)
  • Unlinked LFOs
  • Linked Jittery LFOs - Probabilistic (Variable %) Phase Jumps (i.e. randomly jumps to another point in the same waveform), and 50% of flipping over. Variable from never to constant.
  • Linked Smooth Random  S+H
  • Linked Stepped Random S+H
  • Linked Random Gates
  • Linked Shift Register - 6 Very Basic Turing Machines

Clocks (2x Gate Output)

  • Linked to Delay Time - The two gate outputs produce a clock synchronized to L and R delay time respectively.
  • Unlinked Full / Half (Variable rate, clock 2 is 1/2 speed of clock 1).