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22 Deaf Chinchillas

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2024/05/08 - Next batch will ship in July.

22 Deaf Chinchillas - Delicious Analog Synth Voice

22 Deaf Chinchillas is our first product, an all-analog Eurorack voice module based around Electro Smith's analog submodules. Produced in a very limited hand-numbered edition of 10. [Future runs are possible if there is demand.]


  • AS3340 VCO (CEM3340)
    • Sine, Tri, Saw, and Pulse outputs.
    • Saw and Pulse normalled to VCA.
    • Linear FM
    • Exponential FM
    • Hard Sync
    • Soft Sync
    • PWM
  • AS2164 VCA
    • Dual VCA patched to inputs of the filter, but can also be used by external sources.
  • SSI2144 VCF (SSM2044)
    • Dual VCF, fed by the output of the VCA.
    • Self-oscillates a pure sine wave.
  • DC coupled outputs. Can be used as a quad LFO (negative 1v/oct input will yield very slow speeds).
  • Gnarly self-patching possibilities.
  • Ominous bipolar chinchilla eyeball LEDs for feedback.
    • High-quality Rogan Knobs [Like ones used on Make Noise and Mutable Instruments modules].