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Temporarily out of stock, populated board and panel still available.

DIY kit for DPT Multifunction Electron Temple

This is an smt assembled board, all hardware, and a panel for our DPT Multifunction Electron Temple dev module. Would classify it as an intermediate build, but only because of number of parts.


22 x Mono Jacks

2 x Stereo Jacks (for TRS midi)

8 x Alpha b10k pots

4 x Skirted Rogan Knobs

4 x Unskirted Rogan Knobs

1 x SD card slot

6 x bipolar LEDs

2 x unipolar LEDs

3 x Headers (Male)

4 x Headers (Female)

1 x Daisy Patch Submodule

Build instructions here:

* Kits currently being assembled to-order, please allow up to one week.