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Sphere² - Dimension Beast

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Sphere² - Dimension Beast

Note to buyers in Japan: 日本国内の方はSphere²のBCにて販売します []。

Eerik Inpuj Sound is extremely proud to present our first official physical release: 'dimension beast' by Sphere².

Sphere² began producing music in earnest focusing on Electronica/IDM/Braindance/Acid/Ambient since 2017. Bringing a completely fresh approach to classic breaks-era IDM while rolling out a playful subversion of modern production tropes, Sphere² hails from a new generation of innovative electronic music - a masked artist whose future activities should be anticipated in the near future from their home nation of Japan.

Astro EP [2018, Self-Release]
2x2x2x2 [2018, Self-Release]
Limbic [2019, Self-Release]
SSR (CDR x Spheresquare) [2019, RDC Records]

2018 SHIN-KUSOIKORE @ Shinjyuku Be-WAVE
2019 YonaoshiGig2 @ Shinjyuku Be-WAVE