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YYS Bipolar Motion Consolidator (Attenuverting Matrix Mixer)

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Built to order.

YYS is a super useful spin on the 4x2 matrix mixer. Instead of comparatively boring unipolar attenuators to send to the destination channels, we used attenuverters. This allows combinations of DC signals that can cancel each other out to make interesting new waveforms, and with audio signals can cause strange stereo cancellations. We also included inverted outputs and buffered bipolar LEDs as a bonus.


  • 4 inputs with 2 attenuverters to send to output A or B.
  • Inverted A / B outputs.
  • Bipolar LEDs for monitoring (buffered separately to not affect outputs).

This module includes two partial circuits from these designs:

Skull & Circuits Quad Attenuverters

Doepfer CV mixer circuit